Membership Season 2021/2022

Register, Update and Pay using Play Cricket


Play Cricket is Cricket Australia's online resource that allows clubs to enable players to register, update and pay for their upcoming cricket season.

Players / Parents or Guardians can register their child/ren to play for South Croydon CC.

Part of the process also allows you to update player details as required and make payment.

All Juniors need to register using Play Cricket.

The Play Cricket for South Croydon can be accessed by clicking the Play Cricket logo.

COVID-19 Update
Should the season be shortened or further impacted fees will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Junior Member

Junior (1st Child) $190*

Junior (2nd Child) $150*
Junior (3rd Child) $110*

*Includes Playing Shirt

Woolworths Cricket Blast $90

Register, update your details and
Pay online at our Play Cricket Site.

Senior Member

Senior Membership $400

Seniors Concession $280
(U21's, apprentices, unemployed)

Family Membership

Family Membership $600

includes 1 Senior & 2 Juniors

(excludes Woolworths Blast)
(Fill out Senior Rego form)

Social Member

Social Member $50
(Fill out Senior Rego form)

Veteran Member

Veterans Membership $220
(Fill out Senior Rego form)

Membership Conditions

Please make sure you are aware of the membership conditions below.

Play Cricket

Payment by Credit Card
(Part Payments accepted)

Pay at the Club Methods

Cash, Cheque, Eftpos

Eftpos at the Clubrooms

Cheque / Savings / Credit

Direct Deposit

Bendigo Bank

BSB 633-000

Account 1379 13349

Please Quote your name as a reference
or Play Cricket invoice number and email the club to confirm your payment.

Andrew Quayle 0418 998 631

Voting Rights

Please note the following information with regard to club members voting rights:

Voting Rights: It is proposed to change our constitution to allow voting rights at our Annual General or Special General Meetings.
As such, fees have been adjusted or introduced to reflect the new voting rights .

Please note that -
A family membership will entitle one parent to a vote.
Junior members are also entitled to one (1) parent being eligible to vote at annual or special general meetings.